line1 [ laın ] noun ***
▸ 1 long thin mark
▸ 2 edge showing shape
▸ 3 border/limit
▸ 4 telephone connection
▸ 5 row of people/things
▸ 6 part of railroad system
▸ 7 transportation company
▸ 8 way of thinking/talking
▸ 9 series of words
▸ 10 direction/path
▸ 11 string/rope/wire
▸ 12 area of work/interest
▸ 13 set of products
▸ 14 of communication etc.
▸ 15 musical notes
▸ 16 series of events/people
▸ 17 quantity of drug
1. ) count a long thin mark on the surface of something:
Draw a second line parallel to the first.
Each horizontal line on the graph represents fifteen minutes.
a ) a long thin mark on the ground used in sports for marking an area in which a game is played, or for showing where a race starts or finishes:
It was hard to tell whether the ball had crossed the line.
the starting line
b ) a long thin mark on a road used for organizing traffic and for showing drivers where they can park:
In the fog he drifted across the line into the next lane.
c ) a thin mark on someone's skin that appears especially as they get older: WRINKLE:
There were small lines at the corners of her mouth and around her eyes.
2. ) count an edge that shows the shape of something:
Buyers are attracted by the sleek lines of the car.
3. ) count a border between two regions:
They escaped across the state line into Pennsylvania.
a ) an imaginary limit or border between two situations or conditions:
The country is still divided along ethnic lines.
line between: The program blurs the line between news and entertainment.
a fine/thin line: There is a fine line between resolving the crisis peacefully and giving in to terrorism.
4. ) count a telephone connection:
My daughter now wants her own phone line in her bedroom.
It's a very bad line put the phone down and I'll call you back.
a ) a telephone service:
The advice line is open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays.
a chat line
5. ) count a row of people or things:
A line of police stood outside the post office as employees were evacuated.
On the far bank were thick reeds and a line of palm trees.
in a line: She told the children to stay in line and not push.
a ) a row of soldiers, ships, or weapons facing an enemy:
The plane was brought down behind enemy lines.
b ) a row of people who are waiting for something: QUEUE:
stand in line: We stood in line for about an hour to get the tickets.
6. ) count a part of a railroad system:
There are plans to reopen the train line.
a ) the long metal bars on which trains travel:
Train service has been canceled because of repair work on the line.
7. ) count a company that provides a transportation service:
The shipping line is losing money, and the parent company wants to sell it.
8. ) count usually singular a way of thinking, talking, or finding out about something:
line of thought: He impatiently dismissed this line of thought.
line of argument: You also need to develop a persuasive line of argument.
line of inquiry: What are the main lines of inquiry you intend to pursue?
a ) an attitude or belief, especially one that is expressed publicly:
take a tough/firm/hard line: Environmental groups took a very tough line with the industry.
line on: Forsyth appears to have hardened his line on Europe.
9. ) count a series of words written or printed in a row:
a line of text
a ) plural the words that an actor says in a performance:
He forgot his lines.
b ) singular INFORMAL a short written message:
drop someone a line: I told them to give us a call or drop us a line when they got there.
c ) count a clever or funny remark
d ) singular a remark, excuse, or explanation that is not sincere or true:
Don't give me that old line.
10. ) count the direction or path along which someone or something moves or looks:
He was so drunk he couldn't walk in a straight line.
Deep snow is blocking the mountain roads that serve as supply lines for the rebels.
line of fire (=the direction in which weapons are fired): Though there is fighting nearby, the camp is not in the line of fire.
line of vision (=the direction in which someone is looking): I was standing right in his line of vision.
11. ) count a piece of string, rope, or wire used for a particular purpose:
a washing line
Heavy snow brought down power lines.
12. ) singular a type of work or area of interest:
line of business/work: What line of business are you in exactly?
in someone's line: Light novels are more in my line.
13. ) several products forming a set, for example because they are all of the same type or all produced by the same company:
The company is broadening its product lines to attract more buyers.
a new line of perfume
14. ) count the way that communication, authority, or responsibility is shared between people in an organization:
We want to open up lines of communication and provide more information.
The organization's problems were caused by a lack of clear reporting lines.
15. ) count a series of connected musical notes that form a tune:
a bass line
16. ) count a series of connected events:
This is just the latest in a long line of such scandals.
a ) a series of connected GENERATIONS in the same family:
Mr. Nelson comes from a long line of carpenters.
17. ) count INFORMAL a quantity of an illegal drug that is arranged into a line before being taken:
a line of cocaine
along/down the line
at a stage during a process:
all along/down the line (=at every stage): Our supporters have been magnificent all along the line.
somewhere along/down the line (=at some stage): Somewhere along the line vital information has been withheld.
further along/down the line (=at a later stage): The judge said compensation would be considered further down the line.
along similar/different/the same etc. lines
in a similar/different etc. way:
We are all working along similar lines.
along the lines of (=similar to): Vienna and Berlin were modernist cities, almost along the lines of Chicago.
be in line for
to be likely to receive something:
Rachel was reported to be in line for the job of manager.
be first/second/next in line: He is next in line for promotion.
bring someone/something into line
to make someone/something similar to another person or thing:
The restructuring of the business has brought output and demand into line.
bring someone/something into line with: The new ruling brings this country into line with the rest of Europe.
come/get/fall into line
to agree with or become similar to someone or something else:
bring someone/something into line with: It didn't take much pressure to make him fall into line with company policy.
get a line on something AMERICAN INFORMAL
to get information about something:
I got a line on this material that we've been looking for.
in/out of line with
1. ) similar to/different from someone or something:
The costs were very much in line with what we expected.
2. ) changing/not changing in the same way as another thing:
Social Security recipients are granted an annual increase in line with the cost of living.
in the line of duty
while working:
The police officer was killed in the line of duty.
lay it on the line INFORMAL
to say something in a direct or honest way, even if this might upset someone
on line
connected to, or able to be connected to, a computer system or the Internet:
It is not impossible that every household will be on line within five years.
on the line
1. ) at risk:
His job could be on the line if results do not improve.
2. ) on the telephone:
We have a caller on the line from California.
out of line
behaving in a way that other people do not approve of:
That comment was way out of line.
line 2 [ laın ] verb transitive **
1. ) to cover the inside of something, especially a piece of clothing or a container, with a layer of something else:
He wore a black coat lined with dark gray silk.
line something with something: Line the baking sheet with greased aluminum foil.
a ) to form a layer on the inside surface of something
2. ) to form rows along the sides of something:
Crowds lined the streets to watch the parade.
The riverside will be transformed into a promenade lined with cafés and restaurants.
line your pockets
to obtain money, especially by acting dishonestly:
He accused executives of trying to line their own pockets.
,line `up phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive or transitive to form a row or to put people or things in a row:
The books are lined up on a shelf above the desk.
All children must line up when the whistle goes.
2. ) transitive to organize or prepare things for an event or series of events:
We have a series of activities lined up to keep you entertained.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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